What my pupils say

Steyn Viljoen  Product Designer

Alexander Technique has enabled me to pause more often. I’m warmer, more relaxed and respectful in relationships as a result of that. Projects I work on with other people are more impactful. My relationships with my kids and wife have improved with deeper trust.


Debbie Loots Published Author

Going to Barry for Alexander lessons has given me exactly what I was looking for: The pain in my shoulder has reduced by 80% and I have full mobility again – after only eight lessons.

Interestingly, the Alexander Technique also helps manage my fear of flying. Before taking Alexander lessons, I used Rescue Remedy when I had to fly, and would often still experience anxiety. Now, I am able to fly without distress or medication.

Also, I am able to use the Alexander Technique to help me in challenging situations – for example, I don’t enjoy public speaking, which is often required in my line of work, but now I have learnt to simply be easy and natural about things, deal with it as it comes.

Thank you Barry for this gift, and also your kindness and wisdom.

Ann Professional

Over a period of ten lessons with Barry, the realisation has slowly sunken in of how many of my habits have been caused by my response to the world and that they may not be in my interest and good for me any longer – if they ever were.

It has been so good for me to discover these habits and consider how I can choose a way of being which is lighter and slightly different that would serve my life better.

The impact of the Alexander Technique thus has had subtle but far-reaching impact on my future plans, habits and way of being in the world.

Thank you to Barry for all of it – his guidance and support in this process that moves forwards and backwards continuously.

Jay Vomacka Portfolio Manager

With the Alexander Technique skill of pausing, one is able to quickly nip in the bud any stressful or anxious or perceived threat (hence tension in the body), and remain more in the present. A constant bringing of yourself to awareness frees one from getting stuck in the story associated with an event and frees one to remain present.

This has the amazing affect best described by me as a “quiet confidence”. One is able to remain more centred and view life as less threatening, more engaging, and with a quiet undertone of joy. Simply put, one can get over oneself more. Pausing re-centres us and brings us back into present to be okay with the situation, whatever it may be.

The tools I’ve been taught automatically seem to relinquish the body of anything that it is hanging onto. The outcome is a better flow with life, less resistance to what is and less incentive to control.

Lastly, I want to say I truly appreciate Barry’s entrance into my life, making me more aware of myself, who I am, and at the same time being more kind to myself. There has been a definite undertone of awe, respect, gratitude, and humility towards life in all its forms. Thank you.

Ian Hatton Facilitator

My Alexander Technique teacher Barry encourages me to occupy and own my space. While walking. While standing. While sitting. While driving. Everywhere. As I do I feel a shift. A looseness. Freedom. Walking big and sloppy. Strutting my stuff. It feels wonderful. Comfortable. Liberating.

The awareness of how much I’m holding on is growing. That in itself is freeing. In a weird way it helps me feel that I can own my space. And doing so might even free others too…

Ian’s blog

Alec Little Engineer

“Six years ago I suffered terribly from tension headaches without knowing what was causing them. They were so bad I eventually had to give up my job and stop working. I was 28 at the time.

“I saw lots of doctors and other specialists but no one was any help. Eventually I tried the Alexander Technique and realised that neck tension was causing the pain. Soon after that I learnt some things that helped me to reduce the and release the tension and thus the headaches. The Alexander Technique has helped me amazingly and although I still have headaches periodically they no longer control my life. I am not sure how I would have coped without it.

“Nowadays, rather than be too concerned about my neck, Alexander Technique is more of a spiritual pursuit for me. A large component of it is being present and mindful and thus open to possibility. This has had huge benefits for me in relationships, sport, dealing with anxiety and life generally!”


Jordan Covington Actor

The Alexander Technique teaches me how to free myself into the possibility of what I can be. I am learning how to release the tensions in my body, brought on by a history of accidents. I am learning how to strive for a unified field of attention, which allows me to bring a greater sense of awareness and flexibility to the characters I portray – and into my personal life! It is a subtle, yet profound tool that has already after just over 10 lessons begun to trickle into all aspects of my being.

Greg Swanepoel Retired Investment Banker


“I would like to say what especially Barry and Alexander Technique have done for me. There is such a multitude of “learnings” that I’ve had difficulty prioritizing them. So I’ve decided to let it flow:

  • “Most profoundly opening and widening process, the being able to see myself in my gently paced time.
  • “The relearning to feel  my own feelings and truth.
  • “A continual deepening process.
  • “It started off with experiencing the solid settled place of a ever clearing presence.This is such an intimate personal experience,simple and profound
  • “Leading me to discover a immense different facet of myself.
  • “Awareness of this phenomenal body I’ve come to love and accept and feel comfortable in,an enhancement of my sensations, an automatic intrigue in the world as it opens up in front of me.
  • “Its restructured my mind/body its turned my heart back on and i continue unfolding and discovering  my life on earth.
  • “The realization that this magical, beautiful technique has become me, as it has been naturally weaved into me emotionally physically spiritually and mentally.

“Wow thank you for showing me life.

“I’m forever indebted to you rescuing me from the doldrums of my old existence.”

Andrew Sneath Small Business Owner

“Practicing the technique brings balance, effortlessness, and peace to the body, which simultaneously influences the mind and heart.

“There is a returning to oneself that allows for a letting go of imaginings this mind-body has been tensely holding to.

“The external and the internal are integrated into an experience of an all-inclusive wholeness with everything.

“Awareness arises that includes the internal and external, the transient world and the eternal, without division.

“It is a way of being which involves setting an intention and being a part of what happens next in a way that is both committed to and free from the outcome.

“It is a process of continually allowing life to unfold by not racing to the end of events that are unfolding.

“It’s about recognising the rush to get to the end of a task before you have let it begin, resulting in the frustration of having done something that then makes me feel bad.

“It’s about allowing Doing to arise by itself from Being in a way that is simple, economical and for its own sake.

“There is a moment in practice when the key is turned, the shackles dissolve and I yield to the intention that presents itself. This intention is always some expression of the desire to act and be in this world in a way that is spontaneous and light and free.”

Brian Berkman Public Relations Consultant

“Alexander Technique practice continues to help me insert my best self into the world.

“I notice I get better at pausing before engaging – a moment in which my typically ego-driven response has a nano-second to feel rather than think.”


Michal George Pilates Trainer

I’ve been lucky enough to have had lessons with some wonderful Alexander teachers. The best of which seem to have the ability to answer my questions before I even ask them. Barry has taken this to another level answering questions before there are questions, and sometimes, even without saying a word. He expertly uses his hands to guide and inform.

Rose Miller Sculptor

“Since practicing the Alexander Technique with Barry, my quality of life has improved enormously in spite of my respiratory problem. The unconscious hunching of my shoulders, the feeling of panic in my attempt to draw deeper breaths has gone. I have learnt to release my mental and physical self and yet ground myself in my awareness of my surroundings.”

Mariamne Wulfsohn Feldenkrais Practitioner

“Barry is an excellent and supportive teacher with great insight and integrity in his work as an Alexander teacher and as a person. I don’t believe there are enough true experts or great artists in the field of bodywork/somatic education. I perceive and trust Barry as a very special master of his field, he is a very good teacher. His guidance is spot on, reliable, consistent, and inventive. I feel blessed to have Barry work with me, he is a gem, and a true support structure in my life.”


Thea Toussaint Retired Lawyer and Criminologist

“Alexander Technique has taught me to totally relax physically; this has eased the pain in my leg caused by a pinched nerve due to osteoporosis. But it has also positively affected my relationships with people: I find it much easier to communicate with others, even strangers.

“Alexander Technique has helped me to build up confidence; therefore I feel free and in touch with myself.”

Michèl Scholtz Marketing Manager

“For the past 15 years I suffered with lower back problems, sciatica and headaches.

“I used to go frequently to chiropractors and it never improved. I then heard about Alexander Technique and have been having lessons for the past year.

“I have never looked back since then and I feel like I am a new person physically. I have realized that we can change all our old physical ‘habits’ and can choose a less stressful way of life.”

Gregg Smith Art Film Director

“It’s hard to pinpoint the effects of Alexander Technique. In the short term, directly after classes I usually feel a freedom and openness to the world which lasts a few hours. Over months there has been a gradual lightening effect on all aspects of life:- emotionally, physically, in relationships and at work. A growing awareness of what is really there instead of my old illusions. I wouldn’t say life has become easier. But my approach to things has shifted towards a greater commitment, sincerity and acceptance. So experiences have become more and more valuable.”

Thea Reyneke Artist

“After a few lessons I realized there was much, much more to the Technique than just learning to use the body correctly. When asked by Barry early on what I had learnt so far, my unhesitating and immediate reply was, “Acceptance”. That was just the small beginning of a wealth of perceptions, mental adjustments, changes, growing faith and confidence in him as a teacher, in others, in circumstances, in myself.

“Alexander Technique has become part of my life whatever I am doing. It is also a meditation in that I come to stillness when I go for lessons. I become tranquil, aware of my surroundings, of the sounds, the tactile feelings, movement, the smells, the presence of my teacher, his voice, the light. I allow myself to become organized without fear, without resistance, and believe that anything is possible. Following the Technique, there is always a way.

“Barry’s steady, quiet presence inspires confidence to recognize what is, and to accept. He is non-judgmental and a good listener. Hi is erudite, wise, caring and unfailingly supportive.

“There is newness every time.

“Thank you, Barry.”


Heino Goecht Manufacturing jeweler

“In my profession as a manufacturing jeweller I have often complained about pains in the lower back area as well as in my shoulders, which I have come to understand to be ‘self-inflicted’, through improper use of my body.

“Ever since I became an Alexander student with Barry, I am no longer plagued by these complaints because thanks to his teaching, I have learnt to use my body properly; and in the case of a temporary re-occurrence I now know how to heal myself by following certain instructions from the Technique. An occasional visit to feel Barry’s magic touch makes me feel even better.”