Alexander Technique in a nutshell

Alexander Technique is the oldest embodiment practice in the west – and remains the most iconic. It predates the 20th century, as the first self-development tool.

Embodiment practices are based on the knowledge that mind and body are an inseparable unit, only functioning in interaction with the world around us.

Although the oldest, Alexander Technique remains the most far-reaching and all-embracing of all embodiment practices. Rather than mindfulness, its goal is self-fulness. Self-fulness means being in harmony with our natural design and functioning, free of internal conflicts and chafing. This includes movement with the greatest possible ease, and engagement with life without unnecessary stress and conflict. Its teachings lead to self-knowing, acceptance, purpose, and self-directed freedom.

There is no hocus pocus involved, no belief, no rituals. Its simple gentleness enables the most direct experience of life. It does not teach flow but the conditions under which flow is likely to occur, such as ease, clarity of presence, integrity of the mind-body-spirt, inner quiet, and choiceful intention.

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