Workshop for Alexander Technique teachers, 18th August 2018

Barry was invited to give a workshop as part of SASTAT’s annual Alexander Technique Teachers Conference. The workshop was well recieved and covered the following:

  • Experiencing the five senses
  • The sixth sense – kinaesthesia
  • Maintaining a unified field of attention, through clear perception
  • Experimenting with the presence of mind not to do
  • Discovering that non-doing cultivates acceptance
  • Outcome: maintaining a unified field of attention, with non-doing, fosters compassion and love
  • Conclusion: love is within our conscious control

Comments from participating teachers:

“Barry shows mastery. He is a hidden jewel in our midst.”

“Thanks so much for the wonderful workshop. It was not at all what I expected, it was fun and challenging in a good way, and very useful to me.”

“I enjoyed your workshop. I learnt a lot from it. It was innovative.”

“Like a breath of fresh air.”

“I very much appreciated the workshop and the concepts behind it.”

“I loved being a part of your workshop, Barry. Thank you for expanding my understanding of the work and making it that much clearer.”

“I wouldn’t mind to repeat it sometime.”

“It helped me feel softer and more open, and reaffirmed all the good things I hold dear about the Alexander Technique.”

“Thank you greatly Barry for your lovely, well-paced, intelligent, practical and challenging Workshop.”

“Brilliant Leadership!”